In a recent interview with Playboy magazine, Samuel Jackson has some simple advice for President Obama, "act "f—king presidential. Samuel feels that the president's style of speaking in front of black audiences is an attempt to sound like "Joe Average."

Samuel went on to say, "First of all, we know it ain't because of his blackness, so I say stop trying to 'relate.' Be a leader. Be f—king presidential."

Also in the Playboy interview he stated, "Look, I grew up in a society where I could say 'It ain't' or 'What it be' to my friends. But when I'm out presenting myself to the world as me, who graduated from college, who had family who cared about me, who has a well-read background, I f—king conjugate."

So is Mr. Jackson saying the President is not "black enough?" Or is he saying Obama should quit trying to be "black enough?" Share your thoughts with me and take the poll.