A South Carolina mother dining alone at Ruby Tuesday got more than she expected to make her Mother’s Day a day to remember.

WHTR report, Barbara Foy wasn’t having a great Mother’s Day.  Her son didn’t call and haven’t called in a while (Shame on him).  So, she went to get lunch and while eating the staff noticed she was dining alone and that’s when the magic happened.

The wonderful staff got Ms. Foy a gift bag full of goodies, her meal was paid for and a complete stranger bought her a rose.

I really felt like I was queen for a day…mother for a day!

The 3 servers took a picture with Ms. Foy and Ruby Tuesday’s General Manager Lauren Nave was so touched by her staff to make a complete stranger visit unforgettable.

I can’t imagine a day without talking to my mother. Reading stories like Ms. Foy really warmed my heart and it’s amazing how complete strangers and make a difference in somebody’s life.

Kudos to Ruby Tuesday for making Ms. Foy’s Mother’s Day a day to remember.