Lett-uce rejoice!  We can finally go back to eating romaine lettuce, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Thursday (May 17th) that the last of any potential romaine that could be linked to the E. coli outbreak should now be off the shelves.

ABC News, reports according to CDC officials the latest number of reported cases of E. coli in 32 states including Texas on Wednesday.  Now while the threat is over the question at hand is what caused the outbreak.

Stephen Ostroff, Deputy Commissioner for food and veterinary medicine at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in a statement:

We've thought about the easy explanations for this outbreak and so far, they don't explain it, so what I've been saying is whatever happened is either different or very cryptic.

The CDC warned people to avoid all romaine unless they knew it was not grown in the Yuma, Arizona, region which was linked to the outbreak.  Texas, Minnesota, Florida and North Dakota were the latest list of illnesses related to the outbreak linked to romaine lettuce on May 9th.

The investigation isn't done, but they are working to resolve the issue before the fall.