After Rodney King's horrific incident with Los Angeles Police Department officers in 1992, he was awarded a $3.8 million settlement. Twenty years later and just a few days after his death, Rodney King's family is reportedly seeking donations to help pay for the funeral expenses.

TMZ is reporting King's funeral costs are expected to be more than $22,000 and his family is seeking donations to a memorial fund to offset the expenses.

King's daughters and other family members have issued a statement asking "for those who wish to contribute to the King family."

Given King's history with drug and alcohol abuse, there is no doubt it contributed to much of the disappearance of the settlement he received in 1992. And King's book, "The Riot Within: My Journey from Rebellion to Redemption," reportedly experienced a huge increase in sales after his death.

King is scheduled to be laid to rest on June 30 in Hollywood, but we have to ask the question: