A couple of weeks ago between the rounds of rain, the sun actually came out and it got quite warm (into the low 90s), and when this happened it heated up the road surface of Rice Road so much so that when I was driving, it sounded like it was freshly laid oil.

The noise was quite sticky-sounding and the surface of the road was really black from tire marks. I found out through a press release from the city that Rice and Shiloh Roads surfacing from last year has failed.

I had just mentioned the situation to my wife on Sunday and said I avoid driving on that stretch of road because I didn't want the tar or oil to mess up my truck. I've since learned the City Of Tyler has already planned to address the condition of this road.

The city's street department plans to have construction crews relaying the surface of the road for the next two days.

If you plan to travel Rice or Shiloh Road beginning Wednesday between Old Jacksonville Highway and Highway 110, use caution, be aware of construction vehicles and be courteous!