Ol' freak-nasty Rihanna and her concert sex antics may have gotten her into trouble. You see -- typically at a Rhianna concert, you can expect some extremely over-the-top sexual suggestions, some -- ahem, play with her mic, and some lap dancing. At a recent show, Rihanna pulled a girl up on stage and gave her an very explicit lap dance. What's the big deal, you ask? Well -- according to reports, the girl onstage with Rhianna was just 15 years old! During the lap-dance, Rhianna sexually feels up the person, then she allows them to do the same to her!

Now we've been on the inside of many artist's shows, and we do know that most often when artists pull "persons" on stage, they either someone they know, or someone put in place by their "people".

We'll wait to see how these reports about Rhi turn out. Let's hope this is all a big misunderstanding.



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