Forget about the pole, paper and throne. Rihanna goes minimal for her latest video, 'What Now.'

The Bajan songstress clearly wants all the attention on her emotion and lyrics in this new visual, doing away with all the frills she had in 'Pour It Up.' While she doesn't lose the sex appeal, Rihanna aims for monochrome while wearing a black outfit that shows her fading in and out like a ghost. She also dons a white silk dress, jerking and twisting around in what looks like a room in a pysch ward.

The staccato video cuts and contemporary dance movements give her the look of someone who's clearly lost her mind. There's enough of a creepy feel that will make viewers feel uneasy while keeping their eyes fixed on the screen. By the visual's end, RiRi needs a hug and someone to tell her everything will be all right. But after seeing those white talons she has for fingernails, proceed with caution.