Wanna see a whole other side of the normally glamtacular Rihanna?

Well you can! Rihanna’s first starring film role is ‘Battleship,’ due out on May 18. In the film and the accompanying promotional poster featuring her character, the ‘We Found Love’ singer ditches her signature, super sexy glam ensembles and array of colorful wigs and hair in favor of utilitarian attire, a short pixie ‘do, which she has rocked before, a bicep tattoo, dirt smeared on her face, a mean stare and a big ass gun.

Props to RiRi, since she’s certainly playing against type with her role as Petty Officer Raikes, and it’s no doubt fun for her to let loose and get her hands dirty. However, there’s bound to be a handful of folks who aren’t able to suspend disbelief and “buy” RiRi in such an unglamorous role. We don’t normally think of her as a tough, but she is dutifully playing the role. So either she’ll surprise us all or she won’t.

We still can’t wait to check out her acting chops in this big budget summer blockbuster.