Rihanna is reportedly ditching her Pacific Palisades mansion since security has been breached multiple times and the property is a bit too accessible for her taste. It turns out that the latest trespasser believed he was RiRi's fiancé (!!!) and therefore had a right to be on the grounds.

The singer has since obtained a restraining order, claiming that she has suffered emotional distress and is worried about her safety since, you know, she isn't bethrothed to this dude.

When you hear about what the perp did, you will understand why the judge granted her the temporary order, which means he must keep 100 yards away from her. The case will go back to court in a month, and expect RiRi to ask for a permanent order.

Ri's "fiance" Jonathan Whooper was taken into custody on Oct. 4 after the authorities identified him as the man who threw a chair through the glass door at her swanky palace on Sept. 29. Whooper has gained access to the property a few times. His Sept. 29 chair-throwing stunt tripped the alarm, which he couldn't disable. He then broke a glass patio table, so says TMZ.

Whooper returned to the location on Oct. 4, where he was met by security. He told them he was there to see the singer. When he was told to bounce, he said, "Do you know who I am? I am Rihanna's future husband!" Clearly, he dreams big and isn't in touch with that thing called reality.

Whooper was arrested later that day, a few miles from the crib. He was charged with a litany of offenses, including prowling and felony attempted burglary, vandalism and stalking. Ri won't be testifying in the case since she is on tour and busy posting lots of Instagram photos.