Rihanna is turning into Beyonce, who has a penchant for penning letters and posting them to her Tumblr.

RiRi, known for sharing topless and bottomless shots of herself on Instagram, changed directions a bit and delivered a handwritten, personal letter to her fans aka "The Navy," via the photo sharing service.

RiRi must have been in a contemplative and generous mood, since she took a moment out of her busy itinerary of hanging out with Chris Brown, delivering No. 1 singles and letting the whole world see her bidness.

She wrote, in a very Lady-Gaga-speaking-to-her-little-monsters way, about dealing with the curveballs that life throws your way and how you have to just keep going, no matter what life hands you. Could that be a thinly veiled, yellow legal pad reference to her possible split with Breezy?

She also stated:

Throughout 7 years and 7 albums, there has been so much to be happy about, many fun filled moments,” she writes. “I look forward to embarking on this ride with you, unwilling to sacrifice what we believe in, taking our lessons and growing from them.

RiRi also got philosophical, posting: "Don’t let one thing shake your core. Let our inspirations drive us, never steering from who we truly are… We are all unapologetic…"

She threw herself a plug there, with a reference to her new, chart-topping album.

We don't usually see this side of RiRi. She tends to hold her cards close to the vest and to not share them. But it's refreshing to hear that she cares, straight from her mouth.

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