Rihanna's trend of bad hairstyles in 2013 continues. The singer is rocking a mullet…again.

She's showing her signature pixie on the top, but she's gone mullet in the back. She even wore this style at NYFW of all places. Maybe she's trying to be a rebel and rock an ugly hairstyle to show she doesn't play by anyone's rules, but honestly? We no likey.

The notion that even a hot girl can rock a mullet and not have it detract from her hotness is erroneous here. We love RiRi. Her temperature rivals that of lava. But her 'do? No bueno.

She can pose all sexy, wearing berry nail polish and sticking a finger in her mouth while giving off a smoldering, if a little vacant, stare. But a mullet still isn't sexy.

She is also shared a photo of her with Nicki Minaj, also rocking a different hairstyle. Her Minajesty is the queen of wiggin' out and is all sorts of platinum here. It's way prettier than her cohort's mullet. No, RiRi, no. That mullet has got to go. #RihannaMulletG2G.