Rihanna kicked off her Diamonds tour on Friday, March 8 in Buffalo, NY, but the fun didn't last for long.

The pop diva was forced to postpone her Boston show, scheduled for March 10, due to the fact that she developed a case of laryngitis. That's certainly the kiss of death for a singer and a concert. Her Beantown show will be rescheduled and as of press time, no further cancelations have been announced.

Despite that setback, fans can enjoy a preview of what she is offering on the tour, as footage of the first date has popped up online, thanks to fans from the Rihanna Navy and the wonders of the web! You can watch a sampling below.

Additionally, rumors popped up that the singer might be taking a year off. She will write and record her eighth album, the follow up to last year's 'Unapologetic,' but she won't rush to release it, since that would mean she'd have to dive right back into promoting it, touring behind it, doing interviews and other stuff that's required of her.

Apparently, Rihanna needs a break and some time to recharge the batteries, which is fair, since she is always working and on the go.

She also should step away from the spotlight for a minute, so fans have time to miss her and want her back.

RiRI doesn't want to overexpose herself, and we're not talking about flashing her boobs via topless Instagram photos, either.

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