Oh Lawd! Here we go again! Rihanna and Chris Brown have actually reconnected on Twitter! On Friday  Rihanna began following Chris and shortly after, he returned the favor and followed her back. Perez Hilton reports that the two were also direct messaging each other back in forth. This obviously comes as a shock to some who say the couple should keep their conversations extremely limited.

A very upset Rihanna fan was so disgusted with the news, she tweeted Rihanna stating, “I never thought you would go back to him! You better not, it’s your life but you do have people that look you to you…”

And of course, Rihanna who's not one to take any mess responded, “It’s f******* twitter, not the alter! Calm down….”

I guess that's what we like about RiRi. She has no problem standing up for herself!

Do you think Ri and Breezy should reconnect, even on Twitter?