Because she's such a badass and a rockstar and a rebel (just like Miley Cyrus), Rihanna will not only give her overused middle finger to the 2013 Grammys dress code, but also hit up the ceremony with Chris Brown.

Four years after Brown beat Rihanna beyond recognition the night before the Grammys, she'll escort him to the festivities. Maybe because he needs the ride now.

“Rihanna’s turned up and getting into that performers frame of mind right now," the source said. "She’s focused and looking forward the the Grammys and [she] will be with Chris the whole night, so you know that’s going to be extra f---ing special. He already told her he would go with her, so it's a wrap.”

Additionally, RiRi doesn't give a "ph--k," as she'd spell it, about the Grammys dress code. “She will wear something very sexy by a few of her favorite designers," a source told Hollywood Life. "She really isn't trying to give anything away — that would ruin the whole damn surprise.”

It'd only be a surprise if Rihanna covered up, so maybe the source is a little confused -- or maybe she's actually going to wear clothes.