Rihanna is the spokesperson for Emporio Armani’s jeans and undies, appearing in all the designer’s advertising. In the latest clip, the ‘We Found Love’ singer is snug in her bed, looking fine in her skimpy bra and panties. She has to get up to catch a 6AM flight – information we glean from the message written on the bathroom mirror fog — but would rather stay in bed. Who wouldn’t want to grab a few more minutes of shut eye, while spooning with RiRi?

The black and white short film sees the singer waking up, getting ready in the bathroom, grabbing her plane tickets, looking at her beautiful self in the mirror, stretching in bed and then pouring her lithe frame into her skintight Armani jeans and jacket. She tosses her weekender bag over her shoulder and it’s off she goes.

What we got out of the clip, message-wise, is that you can get some extra sleep and not worry about your appearance, even when you have a way-too-early flight, since you can throw on your Armani duds and still look good. You can be stunning even at the crack of dawn, thanks to the relative ease of dressing in your Armani lingerie and denim.

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