Way, way back when Rihanna was known by her given name of Robyn Fenty, the singer wasn’t a super sexy, skin-showing, tattoo-toting temptress. She was a typical gawky, geeky teen who liked to look for UFOs in her native habitat of Barbados. She was also a motivated, model student. Really? Our RiRi really was a good girl gone bad, to borrow the title of her third album? Oh yes.

RiRi’s little brother Rorrey Fenty, 22, said that his sister was known for her brains in their homeland. Ironic, since RiRi is perhaps most recognized for shedding clothes and her sexed up lyrics than she is for anything else, including her music.

”We worked very hard and took it really seriously,” Rorrey told The Daily Star about their education (quotes courtesy of Contact Music.) “We went to good schools and Ri was a good student.” He even said that she was so dedicated to her work that she would only carve fun time into her schedule once per week. Wow. The opposite seems true nowadays.

”She is very self-motivated so Mum didn’t have to push her to do homework. She had a lot of discipline. We only went to the beach on Sundays,” Rorrey, who is attempting to be a rapper and goes by the moniker of “GQ,” recalled.

He also said that she was obsessive about locating UFOs. ‘We used to spend all weekend watching movies and talking about UFOs, looking out for them. Ri really believes there are UFOs,” he shared.

Wow, that’s a stark contrast to the RiRi we know and love in 2012. Her hard partying lifestyle has gotten her in trouble on more than one occasion and even has rumors swirling that her boss Jay-Z ordered a stint in rehab.

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