Thursday was not a good day for Apollo Nida, husband of Real Housewife of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks. He was arrested and charged with band fraud and identity theft.

U.S. Marshalls questioned and charged Apollo and he appeared before the U.S. District Court on Thursday and was granted pretrial bail. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing February 12.

Reports are that Apollo created several fake businesses which gave him access to data bases of people that he in turn, ripped off. He opened fake bank accounts, using real people's names and deposited stolen U.S. Treasury checks and auto loans into them. He was outted by a woman named Gayla St. Julien, who claims to be his "main b*@%h", for his fraud schemes.

Gayla was arrested last year and was tied to $3 million that had been deposited in the fake accounts. She was upset because she stated that she was receiving "scraps" compared to what Apollo was pocketing.

It was also revealed that Apollo opened a fake car dealership and applied for loans in the names of the people's identities that had been stolen. Apollo is no stranger to prison. He served time from 2004-2009 for auto title fraud. When he was released from prison in 09, he married Phaedra Parks, who is an attorney and star on Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta. The two are the two are parents of two boys, Adien, 3 years old and Dylan, 10 months.