One of the newest, and uber-drama-driven Atlanta 'housewife' star, Kenya Moore, has launched a new line of catch-phrase t-shirts of some of the craziest things the 41 year old has said on the show. From "Forty & Fabulous", to "I'm Gone With the Wind Fabulous", to even "Detroit Barbie", you can rock Kenya's famous sayings too!The reality show diva is said to be racking in the dough by selling these funny catch-phrase tees on her website. There is even a t-shirt that says, "Hold on to your weaves!"

You've got to hand it to these housewives. They are making a fortune by branding themselves across the board! From wine, to t-shirts, to shoes, to clothing lines, these women are making themselves into global brands.

Would you rock one of Kenya's tees? Do you think they are a good idea?

Click here to see Kenya's t-shirts!


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