The days of the old PC computer that take up an entire desk with the huge monitor, gigantic modem, keyboard, and mouse are quickly fading away. With the introduction of the iPad and Windows Tablet, the world of technology took a giant leap towards the future of computing. But, this 'Paper Tablet' is teleporting us to a Jetsons kind of world. 

A team made up of people from Plastic Logic, Intel Labs, and from Canada's Queen's University. This dream team of sorts developed this revolutionary piece of technology. A whole computing system operated on, basically, sheets of paper.

Though this is just a prototype, there is a lot of optimism that in a few years this will become the norm. Imagine that, a world void of the computers and even tablets we are used to. What will come next?

This 'Paper Tablet' will send us all rocketing into a science fiction world. Check out the video and prepare for your past ideas of how technology would advance to be blown away.

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