There isn't much more heartwarming than a soldier returning home to his family. But sometimes they do it in a special way that is more meaningful than we could possibly understand. Navy Reservist Justin Whyte did just that.

This video shows young Aiden Whyte having a blast at his 'Star Wars' themed birthday party. He and all his guests are dressed up as their favorite Star Wars character. Darth Vader arrives and Aiden pulls out his light saber ready to fight. According to his mom, Aiden was under the impression that his cousin was the one dressed as Darth Vader.

After he defeated his nemesis, he ran over to the fallen Vader. He removed the helmet and was stunned to see his dad. He squeals with joy as he and what looks like his sister jumps into his arms. There is nothing more precious than seeing a child's reaction to their father coming home.

I bet Aiden felt like he was la real life Luke Skywalker -- Darth Vader was really his father!