There is one thing constant in the universe and that is change. Change, for the most part, is good, but if you're one of these businesses that used to be a staple in East Texas, it's bad! It's one of the random thoughts that pop in my head from time to time and I was thinking back, these were some really great brands and stores but they either didn't change with the times or the retail landscape changed and forced them out of business.

Here are a few of the retailers along with a product that I thought about and miss.

  • Blockbuster Video

    The once video giant had multiple stores throughout Tyler and East Texas.  I remember being charged a fee because I would return the movies before rewinding them.  That's one thing I don't miss, the rewind fee!

    Joe Raedle, Getty Images
  • Circuit City

    Once a big competitor to Best Buy, now when you see the empty store front or another store that's taken over the space, the distinct design of the entrance still makes me think, Circuit City!

    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
  • K-B Toys

    When going to the mall with my parents, we weren't allowed to go into KB Toys, because they knew we'd want everything inside!  Fun place to just look around.

    Tim Boyle, Getty Images
  • Sam Goody

    Once I had a job and my own money, here's where most of it went!  I bought a ton of cassettes, cassette singles and cd's from this place!

  • Showbiz Pizza

    Before being bought out by Chuck E. Cheese's this was our destination for pizza, games and entertainment from the band Rock-afire Explosion!  Featuring Fatz Geronimo, Looney Bird, Billy Bob Brockali, Dook LaRue and others.

  • Crystal Pepsi

    Just for fun, as I was thinking back, I remembered drinking Crystal Pepsi!