Christmas is a time of joy, but can sure have a lot left over afterwards. So the City of Tyler Waste Department and Keep Tyler Beautiful are helping you recycle those Christmas trees.

Plenty of us go out of the way to get a real Christmas tree with that fresh holiday tree smell. The worst part is having that tree start breaking off all over your floor as it goes to Christmas tree heaven. but thankfully this was released by the City of Tyler Waste Department :

Residents can drop off their undecorated, non-flocked, real Christmas trees starting the day after Christmas through Sunday, Jan. 9 in designated areas at Golden Road Park and Fun Forest Park in Tyler.

Golden Road Park is located at the intersection of McDonald Road and Golden Road. Fun Forest Park is located in the 900 block of North Glenwood Boulevard.

All lights, ornaments, garland and tinsel should be removed from the Christmas tree before dropping it off near the sign that says "Christmas Tree Recycling."

The trees at the parks are available for area fisherman to pick up and sink in nearby lakes to create fish habitats. Small fish eat the aquatic insects that find a home in the tree branches. The fish also use the trees as a hiding place. As a result, fishing is improved around the "recycled trees" because more fish congregate in these areas.

Christmas trees will also be picked up at the curb for disposal at the landfill. Only trees deposited at Fun Forest Park and Golden Road Park will be recycled.

So at least those Christmas trees can be taken care of. But also be sure to try and recycle all your torn up Christmas wrapping and boxes. And of course, have a merry Christmas.