About Sheshieka Isaac:

Sheshieka lives in Longview and is the mother of five very smart, energetic children who are all active in sports and other extra curricular activities. She is often asked how she does it all.

She is the payroll specialist at the City of Longview ensuring that over 800 employees are happily paid biweekly. She is the CFO of S & S Residential Services, LLC, and founder of the cause, Smile4Me.  Smile4Me was founded to edify women who have been affected by domestic violence and raise awareness one smile at a time.

Sheshieka said, "I have always had a heart to help women. The world brings so many obstacles and I've had to face so many challenges. I feel the reason I went through so much is to help pass on the lessons learned, and I plan to do my part one smile at a time.

It's uncertain how she does all she does while making it look so effortless, but she does. She is definitely one of the diamonds shining bright in East Texas, and we are proud to announce Sheshieka Isaac as our Real Working Woman of the Week.