The Real Housewives of Atlanta have more drama -- I didn't think it was possible -- but the ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have proven me wrong yet again!

Season 4 will bring the drama with these fine Atlanta ladies. Kandi is developing a sex-toy line, Kim will seen with her new baby boy and NFL boyfriend, Phaedra is attempting to open a funeral home - and representing Sheree in court, as she takes her ex-husband to the cleaners for child support. There is also a new housewife named Marlo Hampton who will be joining the cast. Did I mention that Nene and Greg are officially in "splitsville," -- but continue to try to remain cordial for the sake of their son.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that Cynthia and Peter are still trying to keep family members happy. Cynthia is also still modeling and developing young models in her modeling agency. There will also be plenty of "guy drama" also when Peter and Phaedra's husband, Apollo gets into an altercation. Sounds extra delicious and I can't wait.

Season 4 unveils on Bravo November 4th! Will you be tuning in? I will.