Summer will be here before you know it! If you've experienced and East Texas summer, you know the only way to beat the heat is with a cool treat — and a swimming pool! Here are my top places to get ice cream in East Texas.

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    Andy's Frozen Custard

    Not sure exactly what custard is, but it's cold, it's sweet, and it can be mixed with just about anything. This is a winning combination for me! Tyler is fortunate enough to have the ONLY Andy's location in Texas, and it's one of the jewels of our city.

    Tojosan, Flickr
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    Dairy Queen

    Not much beats DQ. The Blizzard is a cool treat that nearly everyone can agree on!

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    Not only can you get a tasty treat, but you can also get a gallon of the stuff to take home!

    rutlo, Flickr
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    Marble Slab

    The only reason this one doesn't rank higher on my list is that the one located in Tyler doesn't have a drive-thru. Marble Slab has been a fixture in Tyler for years, and we hope it always sticks around.

    Raul P, Flickr
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    Orange Leaf

    It's frozen yogurt, not really ice cream, so it's healthier! Add in your favorite toppings and you've got a bowl of deliciousness!

    The Pug Father, Flickr