So, I'm strolling through my Facebook page and I come across a post about Sir Mix-A-Lot performing with the Seattle Symphony for the Symphony's third "Sonic Evolution." It's no secret that "Baby Got Back" it a very popular song among the Anglo crowd, but whoever the lady is in the black dress should be ashamed of herself.

I was excited to see this combination of different types of art to collide in this way. Sir Mix-A-Lot referred to it as "Orchestral Movements From The Hood Night." Mix-A-Lot then opens the stage to the women in the audience as they prepare to perform his biggest hit, "Baby Got Back."

So many women started coming to the stage that he had to stop allowing them on stage. One lady in particular made it known how much she enjoyed this song. She twerked better than any stripper I have ever seen or heard of.

The video was posted by an outlet that spoke very negatively of a Louisiana dance team and posted their video. It is surprising to me that they had nothing to say at all about the woman twerking so hard that it appeared to be an earthquake under her dress. I guess since she was at the symphony in a church dress, that made it OK. SMH