After being suspended for calling Whitney Houston a “crack h–” during an on-air rant, Los Angeles radio hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou have agreed to take cultural sensitivity classes. This comes after leaders in the African-American community demanded that radio station KFI-AM 640 fire the pair for their inflammatory remarks.

While that didn’t happened, KFI-AM did issue a memorandum to the “Los Angeles Community,” after executives and talent held several “community meetings” to discuss the matter. The result was a list of six courses of action, among them being that John and Ken, along with station management, will take cultural sensitivity classes to educate themselves about Southern California’s “cultural melting pot.”

In addition, after issuing two apologies, John and Ken recently hosted a program “to discuss why the comments were particularly offensive to the African-American community.” KFI-AM also plans to implement “updated guidelines” for their on-air personalities to help them in a live unscripted environment. The station will also expand its internship program to include minority students.

Reactions to the memorandum have been mixed, ranging from approval to disappointment. Community activist Najee Ali was pleased with the station’s response, while L.C. “Chris” Strudwick, vice president of the Los Angeles Urban League, said the memo had “no teeth and no accountability.”

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