Imagine paying hundreds of dollars to see R. Kelly sing his greatest hits only to get a faux performer wearing a tacky outfit and warbling 'Your Body’s Calling.' That’s what happened to folks in Monroe, La., Saturday night (Oct. 26).

As KNOE 8 News reports, fans were duped by a flyer and a Ticketmaster page promoting Ced’s All Black Affair featuring a performance by R. Kelly. However, an impersonator appeared onstage and lip-synced a song for five minutes.

"We was scammed because 10 o'clock we were there, no R. Kelly. 11 o'clock no R. Kelly, 12 o'clock no R. Kelly, 12:45 no R. Kelly. 1 o'clock here comes an impersonator," a concertgoer told KNOE 8 News.

Judging by the video from the show, the guy wears a graphic hoodie with a Chicago Bulls baseball cap and shades. Clearly, this is not how Kelly rocks his gear.

According to one person who witnessed the debacle, the impersonator didn’t even sing a song, all he allegedly said was, "I’m so f---ed up."

Incredibly, a concertgoer spotted the same impersonator eating at a local restaurant the following morning. When she approached him, his handlers forbid pictures to be taken. We wonder why.

Promoter Cedric Johnson said that he got duped as well but promised to give refunds to everyone who attended the show. Judging by the uproar, this was a major scam.

Let’s hope that Mr. Johnson keeps his promise.