R. Kelly wants a sweet treat in his new visual for 'Cookie.' As expected, there are a bevy females involved in the process.

The video opens with a woman being instructed by a scantily-clad maid as to how the singer expects his household to be run. The veteran tells the maid-to-be when R. Kelly likes to play golf, take a bath and when he expects his dinner -- 8:45PM to be exact.

"Excuse me," the inquisitive woman asks. "You didn't say what he would want for dessert."

"I'm sure he'll let you know that," the head maid responds. It turns out Kells wants a cookie but not just any ordinary kind.

What follows next is an extravaganza that involves women dancing around in bikinis, some champagne in the bathtub and R. Kelly singing in a mink. While he doesn't perform any of the X-rated physical acts he sings about on 'Cookie' -- the video would be off of YouTube otherwise -- the party ends with Pied Piper of R&B actually licking an Oreo.

His new album, 'Black Panties,' hits stores today (Dec. 10).