In the picture it's a familiar scene. You pull into a corner store just to grab a little gas and a drink and you are in a rush ... and BAM! The line is held up by a person who is playing the lotto.

Now, if you are like me, I believe the clerk should recognize the other people behind this person and keep the traffic moving, but as always, they are having a one on one with the lotto player.

I believe that this person should have another line to scratch off, play the numbers or whatever the case may be, but what is not realized is the people behind this person are trying to make it to a destination in a quick amount of time.

Please, we all will experience this a couple times per week, but if you see this and you are patient stay in the store, but clerks need to manage this in a better way or get a person who only deal with the lotto players.

I still wish lotto players good luck and share the pot if you win!