Wanna know if the cute guy you're chatting up has long-term potential? According to

BusinessInsider.com you can actually ask some casual questions and get a pretty good idea -- more after the jump.

They say to ask these 3 questions:

  1. Do you like horror movies?
  2. Have you ever traveled around another country alone?
  3. Wouldn't it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat?

Why? Because successful couples agree most in these three areas!

Where'd they get their info? An "exit poll" from dating site OkCupid.com, which revealed that 32 percent of successful couples agreed on all of them -- which is four times the rate of simple coincidence.

Not convinced? Give it a try.

Just Asking ... How do you weed out the flings from the boyfriend material? Do you have to invest in it, or can you figure it out early on? How? What are your top "boyfriend-potential" questions? What are your deal-breaking answers?