I was always taught to be honest and that 'honesty is the best policy.' Welp, I guess that went out the window at some point in time during this life I live. Being honest will get you fired, killed, used and most of all, stress you out completely.

Yesterday, I had to visit my doctor. His concern was that I was carrying to much 'stuff.' That stuff turned out to be too much weight and stress. He asked me a series of questions about my current lifestyle and came to some conclusions and gave me a list of instructions to follow that I will not share here. What I realized in that moment was that I have done what most women do too much of, cater to others' feelings and expectations.

Recently I had an experience with a person who I covered something up for that was a positive experience for them, but in the long run may hurt a goal I am trying to achieve. Never in a million years did I think this person would throw me under the bus, then get in the bus and drive it back and forth over me, but they did. In that moment, I realized that putting on the 'happy' face is getting me nowhere, but closer to the grave.

After this incident happened with Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z, I felt sympathy for Beyonce like never felt before by me. For years, she has put on the 'happy' face and suffered in silence. It is a shame that the people that we share our worlds with, try to make it so difficult for us to exist in our places of peace and happiness for their own selfish gain.

I remember when the movie 'Dream Girls' came out. Beyonce was the star of the movie and at a press conference she made the statement that this movie was her life. If you have not seen the movie, you should take some time to view it. When the video of Beyonce's little sister attacking her husband, that statement made absolute sense to me.

After my doctor's visit, I have decided to stop providing the perfect life for others at the cost of my happiness. They don't care what happens to me, nor do they respect the fact that I am loyal to them. So why am I putting on the 'Happy' face to keep them from dealing with the TRUTH.

I hope Beyonce learns the same lesson, SOON!