After the birth of a child, many moms are able to take maternity leave to spend time bonding and caring for their new baby and in some jobs, men are allowed time to spend with their new kids and help out with the baby through paternity leave.

After the birth of his son this week, New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy, missed opening day of the baseball season along with another game and stirred things up with his decision to take paternity leave, which he was entitled to through Major League Baseball. Radio sportscaster, Mike Francesca on WFAN in New York City, didn't agree with Daniel Murphy's decision to take paternity leave and says (from the video below),

I don’t know why you need three days off. I’m gonna be honest. You see the birth and you get back. What are you doing the first couple of days? Maybe you take care of the other kids? You gotta have someone do that if you’re a Major League Baseball player. I’m sorry, you do. Because your wife doesn’t need your help the first couple of days. You know that. You’re not doing much those first couple of days with the baby that was just born."

The sportscaster doesn't believe in paternity leave and states that after the birth of his own son he was back to work in less than three hours.