Despite rumors floating around that Prince's estate had plans to sell the late singer's famed Paisley Park, estate administrators say the property will not be up for sale.

The estate's administrators have asked permission to sell a number of the icon's properties, but Paisley Park won't be one of them. There have previously been reports that estate executors wanted to turn the legendary home and recording studio into a museum.

The confusion about Paisley Park possibly being sold is understandable. Billboard reports a court filing on Friday (Aug. 5) had included Paisley Park among a list of properties that could be sold.

According to Billboard, on Saturday, Bremer Trust issued a brief statement saying: "Bremer Trust, the special administrator for the Prince Rogers Nelson estate, has no plans to sell either Paisley Park or the property referred to as the Purple Rain house."

Bremer did, however, ask a judge for permission to sell 20 properties owned by Prince worth an estimated $28 million. Since his untimely death back in April, there's been a lot of confusion about exactly what is going to happen to his properties and the remainder of his vast estate, but thankfully Paisley Park and the Purple Rain house will apparently be protected as the rest continues to be sorted out.


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