Prince has finally released the video for his oh-so funky track 'Breakfast Can Wait.' Unfortunately, the Purple One doesn't appear in it. WTF?

Not to worry, it's still a visually appealing and sensual clip thanks to Prince's newest discovery -- dancer and choreographer Danielle Curiel. Not only did the curly-haired beauty directed the visual, she also becomes Prince's cross-dressing doppleganger.

In the video, Curiel plays a doting housewife who's cooking breakfast for her husband (played by fellow dancer CJ Salvador). But her frisky hubby has a taste for something else and soon the grits are tossed to the side and the couple get busy in the kitchen.

We're then transported to a dance sequence where the husband and wife (Curiel and Salvador) are sensually dancing along with a team of background dancers.

If you don't know who Danielle Curiel is you will definitely start Googling her after watching this video.