Dak Prescott over Tony Romo. Tony Romo over Dak Prescott. That is The debate in professional football this year.

Romo has been the Cowboys starting quarterback for ten years. He has had phenomenal games and he has had games that make you face palm. He has not taken Dallas to the Super Bowl and has won only 2 playoff games. Is it all Tony's fault? No. Until four seasons ago, he didn't have the right pieces to make the Cowboys great again.

Since then, Dallas has built the best offensive line in football, has had great running backs (why did they let DeMarco Murray go?), added some pretty good receivers but Romo can't keep his body together. Multiple back injuries and a broken collarbone have cost him too many games. Plus, he is 36, which is ancient for a quarterback not named Tom Brady.

Enter the 2016 draft. The Cowboys take Ohio State running Ezekiel Elliot with the number 4 overall pick and in the 4th round, take Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott to hopefully shore up the back up position. Preseason comes and Kellen Moore, the backup, breaks his leg and is done. Prescott moves up to the backup role.

Tony Romo is still recovering from the broken collarbone from last year so Prescott gets a lot of work with the 1st team and plays great during the preseason. Romo goes down once again and now, Dak Prescott, the rookie, is the Cowboys starter.

Season lost. Another wasted year.

The Cowboys lose the season opener to the Giants. Here we go again. Loss, upon loss, upon loss. Game 2, win. Game 3, win. Alright, Cowboys maybe have got something here. Cowboys go into Green Bay before their bye week. Dak will struggle for sure playing at Lambeau Field. He leads the Cowboys to a 30-16 win over the Packers.

It is now the mid-point of the season. Dak Prescott, who for the first time looked like a rookie quarterback against the Eagles, still led the Cowboys back and won in overtime. The Cowboys are 6-1, tied with New England for the best record in the NFL, Zeke is leading the NFL in rushing yards (799), as a rookie. Dak has thrown two interceptions, two.

Even the defense, which so many thought would be one of the worst this season, has played great. They are not the best by any stretch of the imagination, but they are making plays when it matters.

Do you bring in Romo over Prescott? There are good points both pro and con to this.

Tony is the veteran. When he is fully healthy, he truly is one of the best in football. Despite his playoff record, if the Cowboys do make the playoffs, Tony could handle the pressure of playoff football.

But Dak is gelling with this group. The players love him. And...he is winning.

In my opinion, as much as I believe in the great quarterback that Tony Romo is, Dak Prescott should stay in until he starts to struggle, which could very well happen, he is a rookie after all, or gets hurt.

As a Cowboys fan, I want the winning to continue. I want to see the 'Boys in the playoffs. I want to see them win a Super Bowl. It's great they won when I was a teenager in the 90's but it's been long enough.

Go Cowboys!