The Super Bowl is coming quickly. Sunday, February 2, will be here before we know it. So, it is time to get ready for the big game's big party. Don't worry, we have some great tips for you to help prepare for your Super Bowl party. 

1. Your Neighbors


Make sure that you either invite or, at least, let your neighbors know that you are going to have a party to watch the big game. No one wants to come home to watch the game in the comfort of their own home and have their driveway blocked by one our your knuckle head friends.

If you do not plan on inviting them, bring them a little something when you tell them about your guests. A six pack of beer or a casserole will take all the awkward out of that situation.

Make sure you also tell your friends not to block their driveway, not to park on their lawn, leave trash in their yard, or anything that might be disrespectful.

2. Pimp Out Your Cooler


The cooler can make or break your level of stress at your Super Bowl party. Coolers are important because they can keep your party rolling with ease.

Don't plan on using your friend for everything. Your fridge will fill up faster than you can say refrigerator and you will be left with the task of finding out how to fit everything in there. The night before the party set out all of the coolers you own so you won't forget one the next day when the chaos sets in. Buy plenty of ice, but also have bottles of water freezing. These frozen bottles of water will make sure your coolers can stay cold all day.

Also, mark your coolers with what they hold. The easy fix for this is to take the brand name off of the packages of soda or beer and tape them to the lid of the cooler. With these labels in place, no one will constantly open the coolers to see what they hold, helping the cool stay in your ice chests.

Finally, tie a bottle opener to the handle of the coolers than contain beer for easy opening. If you place a small trash can by these beer coolers for the caps, you'll have an easier cleanup.

3. Trash Galore


Place numerous trash cans around your house. The abundance of places to put trash in easily accessible areas will lighten the load of your massive clean up when the game is over.

Also, double bag the trash cans every time you empty them to ensure you do not have spills, rips, or any other mishaps when unloading the trash cans. Therefore, your cleanup will be a quick and easy thing to do.

4. Food 


One big tip for cooking for your Super Bowl party is to cook the night before. No one wants to wake up early to spend the morning by the hot stove and oven. Give yourself some extra minutes to sleep in by cooking the big parts of your football party meal the night before. Things like ribs and hotdogs are easily re-heated and still taste great.

If you aren't one to cook, buy foods that are tasty but require no cooking time. Sandwiches, chips and dips, and cheese and meat trays will please all and leave you out of the kitchen.

You can also create nacho or sandwich bars. Laying out the ingredients for guests to choose from will cut your preparation time in half and ensure they get exactly what they want.

5. Seating

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Seating all of your guests is always a struggle. Go this weekend, before the big game, to your neighborhood Goodwill or around your town's garage sales. Pick up lawn chairs or a miss-matched set of extra seats. You can also supply large floor pillows that be used again at your next Super Bowl party, for sleepovers with the kids, or family movie nights.

So people even say B.Y.O.C. instead of bring your own beer. Buying more beer for your guests to replace them bringing their own chairs will make sure that you don't have to find a place to store extra chairs after your party is over.


These are just a few tips to make sure your Super Bowl party goes smoothly. Now, go out and get ready.