It is easy for most of us to walk past a homeless person and think we know exactly how they got there. Most of us assume that these less fortunate people are living on the streets because of drug or alcohol addictions, things we believe they could so easily change. But, what we don't know is what is really going on. 

Not every homeless person is battling an addiction or has a situation very easily changeable.

Give Back Films is trying to give us a better understanding of these remarkable people. Through their videos, Give Back Films, has been showing us how to be more understanding, loving, and giving.

This series of interviews with the homeless people of Atlanta, Georgia give us that much needed change of perspective. Let's begin with this man's heartwarming and powerful poem.

Here is what some other folks had to say.

Let us all take a moment today to have a more open heart and be more loving and kind people. We are not sure of the world we each live in, so let us not judge another.

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