The final Powerball Lottery drawing for 2015 will be tonight and the jackpot could make someone an instant millionaire.

Choose the correct combination of numbers and you could win over $300 million or take the cash option of $184.2 million.

If you're an occasional player of Powerball and only play when the jackpot total gets this big, keep this in mind, there are others just like you in forty-four other states doing the same thing today! Your odds remain the same on winning the jackpot, but you could potentially be splitting it with other winners if you all pick the same five white balls numbered 1 to 69 and the same red ball numbered 1 to 26!

The lottery drawing will be at 9:59 p.m. tonight and if you happen to pick all the correct numbers you'll win the more than $300 million jackpot or you could opt for the cash payment, which would be approximately $184.2 million!

Good luck with your numbers tonight!