Many of us watched with anticipation for those five white-numbered balls along with the lone red one to dramatically change our lives to the tune of $524 million Wednesday night.

But we quickly found out our dreams were cut short. But, there is great news because no one else won the half a billion dollars, so that means you still have a chance to win it (plus a little more) on Saturday!

Although the jackpot wasn't won, many people in the states of California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Washington came awfully close, because they matched five numbers and won $1 million each.

According to the Powerball Lottery website, they paid out nearly $66 million in non-jackpot prizes. I will be receiving part of that nearly $66 million, because with my three lines of numbers, I managed to match the powerball number on two of my lines and I'll be collecting my $8.

In reality though, I'll probably turn that $8 into four tickets for Saturday's estimated $675 million jackpot (that's if it doesn't grow closer to $1 billion!).

Last night's drawing was the sixth-largest in national lottery history, but come Saturday it'll be the largest jackpot in lottery history. I would imagine as the next drawing gets closer, the lines to get lottery tickets will become increasingly longer. And more people will play and pool their money together for that chance of winning the biggest lottery jackpot in history.

I also think about this, too, because I have a feeling that the jackpot will be won by many people and not just one person.

Good luck Saturday, and if the jackpot increases beyond the estimated $675 million, we'll be sure to let you know on-air and here online.