A Longview civilian fire inspector has resigned after a pound of marijuana was found in her home. Being a longtime East Texas fire department employee made this find a real surprise. 

Monica Hanks has been helping the Longview fire department for years. It is unclear, but seemingly odd, that her ties to the marijuana that was found in her residence may have been aiding East Texans with smoking some weed.

After 22 year-old Eric King was arrested for the possession of marijuana, he explained to police that he had purchased the pot at Hanks' home. So, the police went to investigate. They were allowed to search the home and found the massive amount of marijuana and also a collection of paraphernalia.

This ordeal has forced Hanks resign from her post, but KLTV reports that she has not been charged of any crime. The Longview News Journal reported that King has been charged with the "possession of between 4 ounces and 5 pounds of marijuana as well as evading arrest."  The investigation of Hanks' involvement to the drug found are to determine if Hanks is at fault for misconduct of a city employee on or off duty.

Though it is not clear what Hanks involvement was regarding the large amount of marijuana found, this has to be a large disappointment and embarrassment for the Longview fire department. Any black mark or doubt of conduct regarding an employee of the fire department directs the public's attention from the good that the department does and puts a spot light on any misdoings.