Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison for the sexual assault of two minors. Now, more than a year later, his diary has been released. This journal describes acts that are sure to surprise you. 

When Jeffs was sentenced to life no one was shocked, not even Warren Jeffs. KETK news described, "The head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints stood quietly as the decision of the Texas jury was read..." 

This man who claims, “as the Lord does His work with me” was sentenced to this imprisonment because of a sexual relationship he had with two of his young followers. Fathering a child with a 15-year-old and evidence of intercourse with a 12-year-old were the facts that put Jeffs behind bars. But, the story has not ended there.

A diary was released that was owned by Jeffs. What he called his “priesthood records” describe things that will boggle the mind.

One of the biggest finds from the thousands of pages in the diary, and maybe the most disturbing, is the detailed description of a bed that was made for the assault of these young girls. Though Warren Jeffs believed he was married through the eyes of his religion, the law does not condone sexual intercourse with persons not of the legal age. That is exactly what Jeffs was doing. He was engaging in sexual acts with minors on the very bed he describes with great detail in his diary.

This bed is described as, "The bed had to be made of hardwood, sturdy so it wouldn't rattle, long enough to support Jeffs' tall frame and equipped with padded sides that could be pulled up to hold him in place..."

It is a disturbing image to be painted from the mind of what seems could be a very mentally ill man. What those poor young girls went through will never leave them. Also, the embarrassment of the trial must follow them.

Though MTV glorifies teenage pregnancy, this is a serious change for a immature woman. At such a young age you are not really ready for the commitment and task of child rearing. Having a child at only 15 or being sexually active at 12 is something we as humans have long done away with. But, it seems to keep coming up.

Why this man can be convicted to a life sentence and the Teen Moms from MTV get paid big bucks is confusing. They are essentially the same thing. But, these girl's stories are not that close to us. Agreement towards the Jeffs sentence comes easily, but condoning teenage pregnancy becoming even easier baffles the concerned mind. It is hard to swallow that this was happening in our back yard. Texans want to believe that our state is a safe place. We want to offer a world well suited for children to grow up in a healthy atmosphere. Hearing about stories such as Warren Jeffs' and the Mineola Sex Ring makes all of Texas feel uneasy.

This is a terrible thing that happened, and is now ingrained in our state's history. As we learn more and more about the truth of what happened, we will understand how this cannot be allowed again. The release of the diary will show some hard details. The details of a mad man's mind that will surely be jaw dropping surprises. The descriptions and accounts that have been released as of yet have already sent the world into dismay.