The idea of how much force our police officers should be allowed to use while on duty to achieve safety for themselves and others has been a hot topic for a while now. With video cameras nearly everywhere, we are seeing more and more of the behind the scenes actions of our police force. This video does not look as though the amount of force was equal to the actions. 

A mentally handicapped young man was asked to exit his school bus in Rotterdam, New York. The young man reportedly refused and was said to have threatened the bus driver.

The bus driver decided to involve the authorities in the situation. When they arrived they found the mentally disabled boy unresponsive.

You can see in the video that though they showed patience in trying to talk the young man into leaving the vehicle on his own accord, he remained silent. The police officers decided that it was time to exit the bus and they began to forcibly remove the young man. The amount of force they used was apparently too much.

Though the young man was not making it easy for the police officers to escort him off of the school bus, it may not have been enough of a fight to warrant a broken bone. It is tough to watch, but you can see his arm break while being pulled behind his back.

WARNING: This video may be disturbing for some. There is foul language and violence.