Who says pole dancing is for young ladies? Certainly not this 60 year old grandmother! Sun Fengqin, from China is proving that pole dancing can be sexy at any age! In China, pole-dancing is seen as a "stippers dance", and Sun wants to shake up that stigma.

In regards to her new love for pole dancing, Sun expressed:

"Pole dancing is a special kind of dance. The dance moves that are done beside the pole are very elegant, especially when a woman dances these moves. It's very feminine, enchanting and seductive. It's full of youthful vigor and sexiness."

Watch: Chinese Grandmother learns pole dance

Although Sun feels like she can get it poppin like the younger ladies in the pole dance classes, she envies how much athleticism it takes to swing around the pole -- something she cannot do:

"When I see younger students dancing the moves that involve more technique, I envy them so much," she admitted to Reuters. "Now, I'm practicing spinning around the pole and I only finished learning going up the pole."

Nothing wrong with that! We love it. Do you think pole-dancing is a good workout?