Being a husband who proudly tries to lead a team of 13 alongside my wife, I can absolutely go on the record as a man who loves a good team.

That is all Isaac Lufkin of Houlton, Maine has ever asked his junior varsity football team. The so -alled “obstacles” others may think will “hamper” him in his pursuit for excellence on the football field, pale in comparison to his desire for the camaraderie and brotherly “got your back” mentality that comes so freely while in uniform.

According to the Banger Daily News, Houlton teammates agree Lufkin carries the torch for the team.

"His positive attitude is like an aura," Houlton freshman lineman Dolton Nason said. "He makes the best of every situation and that just kind of spreads around the team."

At the conclusion of a game earlier this year, rival team John Bapst Coach Dan O’Connell came across the field and gave Lufkin the game ball saying, “It wasn't because of the fact that you don't have arms, it's about the fact that you're doing what you're doing and inspiring people. I know for one we are inspired by what you're doing, so keep it going."

Isaac Lufkin is 16 and kicks when not playing nose tackle for his “TEAM.”

Check out the video aired on ESPN right here.