The NCAA Tournament has come to a close, and we have our winner in our NCAA Bracket Challenge!

Congratulations are in order to Jeremy Rahr, who edged second place by one point to win our first-ever Million Dollar Bracket Challenge. While no one had a perfect bracket to earn $1 million or get 60 games right for $10,000, Jeremy still gets to go home with a brand new iPad Mini for winning our local contest.

It was a crazy year in March Madness, but Jeremy held on with his pick of Louisville to win it all, and that helped him bring home the victory. Congrats, Jeremy!

You can still check out the bracket below to see how you finished -- and see how our local DJs performed compared to the rest of you. Lucky Larry is our Townsquare Media Tyler | Longview champion. But he only wins bragging rights!

Thank you all for participating, and thank you to Coaches Sports Bar for sponsoring. We'll do it again next year!

[ncaabracket market="Tyler"]