So you want to win four tickets to see R. Kelly live in concert this Sunday at the Oil Palace in Tyler?

Well, you have to play '4 Play' with me today at 3:20 p.m. and 5:20 p.m. I am going to help you out and give you all of the questions that I am going to ask. It's up to you figure out the answer. Good Luck!

R. Kelly '4 Play' Questions:

  1. How many studio albums does R. Kelly currently have?
  2. “I Believe I Can Fly” was featured on what film’s soundtrack?
  3. True or False: R. Kelly signed a contract to play basketball?
  4. How many chapters does R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet have?
  5. Which female artist did a duet with R. Kelly on his 1998 album R.?
  6. In 2010, what major sports event did R. Kelly record the official anthem for?
  7. In R. Kelly’s music video for “Ignition (Remix)” what is the name of the club that he is at?
  8. Finish the lyrics! “Baby, I will leave you my room key/ I’m feelin’ the way you carry yourself girl/ And I wanna get with you cause you’s …..
  9. In the remix to “Did You Ever Think”, What rapper is featured on the track?
  10. True or False: R. Kelly worked with Michael Jackson on a song that Michael Jackson had written for R. Kelly to record.
  11. In the song “Wonderful” how many times total does R. Kelly say “OH” in the intro and outro?
  12. True or False: R. Kelly had set up a meeting with Tupac to collaborate bur Tupac’s untimely death halted all plans.
  13. After which collaboration did R. Kelly have rappers knocking on his door to work with him?
  14. Which album was the product of renaming and rerecording from scratch in 2008 after a bootlegging incident?
  15. What other soundtrack(s) did R. Kelly have a song featured on?
  16. In the music video for “The World’s Greatest” what is the accent color used most throughout the video?
  17. True or False: R. Kelly’s hit  “Bump ‘n’ Grind” has three different versions.
  18. True or False: The album “love Letter” was based off of 70’s psychedelic music?
  19. R. Kelly samples what song in “Feelin’ Single”?
  20. Which early hit song does R. Kelly allude to in “I Wish”?
  21. R. Kelly’s 1st large scale music video was for what song?
  22. Which city is associated with the “stepping” that goes with R. Kelly’s song “Step In The Name Of Love”?
  23. True or False: R. Kelly created all the choreography for the “She’s Got That Vibe” music video?
  24. Which city does R. Kelly refer to as ‘the center of my universe”, “the home of my soul” and “the soul of America?
  25. True or False: R. Kelly wrote “You Remind Me Of Something” and used metaphors and comparisons that spoke to women.
  26. In the music video for “Down Low” who plays Mr. Biggs?
  27. Who did R. Kelly originally plan to do the song “I Wish” with?
  28. True or False: R. Kelly has admitted that some of his music is comical in nature.
  29. True or False: During the height of his legal issues over the course of seven years, Kells decided under the counsel of his advisors to lay low and retreat until it’s over.
  30. True or False: R. Kelly refers to his recording studio in his home’s basement as The Chocolate Factory and he calls the room that he does the actual recording in – the Log Cabin.