East Texas is no stranger to counterfeit bills but businesses are reporting a new type of phony money being used.

Movie prop bills.

These bills are specifically used in TV, film or music videos and do look like the real thing expect they are labeled with "For Motion Picture Use Only."


According to KLTV, in Lufkin, 10 businesses, including Video Latino, HEB, McDonald's, Dollar General and more have reported the bills being used.

In Diboll, Preston Nathaniel Lee Brown, Jamarcus Denundre Berry, Samantha Nicole Earley and Andriana Nicole Sanches are being held as authorities are investigating their use of the prop money.

In Paris, movie prop $20 bills are being used.

The movie money is easy to get online, I searched on Ebay and found numerous listings for the prop money. And it is relatively cheap to get any number of these bills.


Lufkin Police Sergeant told KLTV that it is not illegal to own the money, "Just having it by itself is not enough but what it does do though is when we find someone with a large amount of it gives us an investigative lead on where to look."


As you can see from the various pictures, at a quick glance, the money looks very real. Businesses, keep a close on any cash that comes through your business.

In those Ebay listings, I saw denominations of $1, $5, $20, $50 and $100. And, again, it's not illegal to have or buy this money. It is illegal if you use it to purchase items.