Pharrell Williams' career is hot right now, his song "Happy" is currently sitting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, he's nominated for an Academy Award Sunday night and he's also a Grammy winner too. After being introduced to Damon, who is suffering from cancer, Pharrell did something amazing for this little 9 year old boy.

It began not that long ago when Damon learned he had Osteosarcoma bone cancer. Damon adopted "Happy" as his theme song because that song was playing on his mom's iPhone the night he learned he had the disease. He's been listening to the song ever since and it's helped him stay positive since adopting it as his them song. Damon's dad called his friend at a San Antonio radio station to see if he could call in a favor and get an autographed picture from the star for his son. What Pharrell sent back was amazing and even surprised the radio programmer!

Pharrell created a special video for Damon telling him to live for now as you can't change the past and predict the future, now is what matters.

The past you can't change, the future you can only contemplate, the present is malleable. That's why it's a gift because you can do whatever you want with it. So my suggestion to you is to take this moment right now and recognize this is the new you."

Pharrell didn't stop there, during the personalized message to him he offers him tickets to his show, but says its just a show and that

this is your moment right now and your life if just beginning."

Who knows maybe Pharrell will send out a special shout out during the Oscar Awards to him Sunday night. A benefit fund has been set up for Damon at Frost Bank or you can mail a donation to PO Box 2503 Universal City, TX 78148 Attn: Damon Billeck Benefit Fund