Pharrell may be a music industry darling at the moment, but that's not keeping people from criticizing him after he sported a Native American headdress on the cover of Elle UK magazine.

After the backlash began, it didn't take long for the singer-producer to apologize, according to the site Buzzfeed. Pharrell received a number of chastising tweets (see below) and there was even a Twitter campaign created called #NotHappy.

"Another celebrity thinking it's okay to wear a Native Headdress for fashion," one person tweeted. "Our regalia is not fashion. It's an honor," tweeted another. Which is true, because one is supposed to earn the right to wear the sacred bonnet through acts of bravery.

In addition, there's a spiritual component to the Native American headdress, as it symbolizes honor and accomplishment so wearing one just for aesthetics will always be offensive to a large number of people. It didn't take Pharrell too long to figure that out.

"I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture," wrote the newly hired 'Voice' coach in a statement.

However, Pharrell was happy with the overall Elle UK photo shoot, and said the photographers of the publication did a stellar job -- but that was before the controversy arose. He also explained the kinds of photographers he usually likes to work with.

"I think good photo shoots are ones where the photographer is capturing the air in the room, and the subject is sort of like the reaction," explained the veteran producer.

Check out some of the other tweets bashing Pharrell's style choice below.